Monday, 12 August 2013

Blow down

I hate seeing a bike down. Hate it. 

Today walking through Melbourne CBD during my lunch break the weather was becoming increasingly hostile. Cold. Wet. Extremely windy.

You can see from the doppler radar the wind hammering across Melbourne from the West.......very strong with sustained gusts.

On days like this you really need to think about how and where to park if leaving the bike outdoors.

Unfortunately as I was heading back to the office I came across this

This poor Ninja had been blown off its' kick stand and was resting propped up by the BMW scooter. Had the scooter not been on its' centre stand it would more than likely have been knocked over too. 

Everything in my body wanted to pick up the Ninja - I decided it was best to leave it where it was in case there was any damage and the owner needs photographs for their insurance. 

Poor Ninja.


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