Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Kriega tailbag: Setup

I've been using my Kriega US-30 for well over 5 years now.

In that time it's seen daily commuting, overnighters, running errands and everything in between.
It's seen torrential rain and extreme heat.
It's 100% waterproof, rugged as hell, and relatively lightweight.
It has never let me down.

The US-30 provides enough room for a large laptop to lay flat for commuting to the office.

I can easily store my wets and basic tools and still fit extra clothes, shoes and whatever else I need for touring.

Off the bike it has a shoulder strap so you can lug it around easily.

All. Very. Versatile.

So - by way of the new MT09, it was time to again setup the Kriega.

Step 1
Remove the seat to access the sub-frame - you'll need to locate some spot to thread the mounting straps. 

For the rear straps I used the last set of frame tags which hold the rear faring on

Step 2
Use two of the four straps supplied and thread one through on each side

Step 3
Repeat Step 2 for the forward mounting straps. 
I used the gap between the sub-frame and the seat-lock. 

Step 4
Tidy up all the dangling straps and make things neat. 

Step 5
Attach bag.
Done and done

In the past I've used cumbersome Ventura packs and their associated (and required) frames which attach to the bike - this type of luggage is good, however it is not transferable from bike to bike. 

On the other hand, the Kriega gear can be used on any bike, it does not detract from the aesthetics, and when removed, leaves all but no trace of ever having been there - no frame, no brackets. 
Just - gone. 

The packhorse. 
-----more like, donkey....


  1. Very informative as I am about to buy the Kreiga for my MT09. Does the US30 when stuffed full ever droop down to cover the brake light? Going touring so it will jam packed and that is my concern. I would prefer it over the US20+US10 combo.

    1. Hi John,

      Potentially the bag could obscure the tail light if left to overhang.

      Since this original post I actually now mount the pack horizontally (at right angles to the bike)

      This gives me more room on the seat to change position while riding and has no way of interfering with tail light visibility.

      Thanks for reading.

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  3. Awesome thanks for the prompt response. I'll go and buy one today.

    I enjoy reading your blog and contributions to Netrider re the bike etc

    Thanks again

    1. My pleasure mate - good luck with the new bike and new bag.

  4. Hey
    Can you fit a Helmet in the US-30?

    1. Not sure mate, never tried it.
      I think it would just fit, although I don't think it would fit very well.