Sunday, 21 June 2015

Blue Rhino

After the day in the Hills yesterday I thought it wise to keep Coastal today.

A couple of mates joined for a cruise Bayside.
It's the middle of Winter.
The sky was bright and Blue.

Not a breath of wind.

No better way to spend Sunday.

As with any bike - I don't really name them. 
The Ape was called 'Ape' due to being an Aprilia. 

The 'Kawasaki' was 'Kawa' or 'Kwaka'....
The Yamaha is 'Yammy' or 'Yam'....

One of my riding mates clocked my state registered number plate and coined the new Girl "Rhino"

Well.......she is Matte Grey and a little full on....

Hmmmm.....that might stick. 

Always a pleasure Gentleman. 

..........Blue and Grey.......avoiding ivory poachers. 


  1. that shot of the logs sticking out of the water looks awesome