Friday, 5 June 2015

Yamaha MT-09. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Today was both a day of sadness and happiness.
I was simultaneously and preemptively pining for the soon to be gone Ape, whilst excitedly anticipating the arrival of the new Yammy.

I busied myself in the morning with housework, bike-trade preparation and YouTube.
Trying NOT to play the waiting game......


I'd been sitting in my riding gear for well over an hour - when the phone rings.
Yeah.........not toey at all..
The MT-09 is ready for pick up. Game on.

I make it to the dealer in record time to take delivery of the new girl and trade the old girl.
"Cheers fellas - see 'ya later."
Onto some black stuff.

First impressions of the MT-09A

The good:

  • The throttle mapping and ECU tune are greatly improved - dramatically so. Both A and STD modes are eager and satisfying whilst remaining usable. B-mode is not required. 
  • The mirrors are brilliant - excellent vision
  • The chassis is taught, tight and nimble with a small, flick-able footprint. 
  • That engine - sublime, tractable. Instant torque, instant response. A masterpiece.
  • The brakes have great feel and power, the ABS module has not diluted this. 
  • The gearbox is tight as a drum. I'm still breaking her in and clutchless shifts are laser precise. 
  • I LOVE THE ERGOS! Damn - nothing like a sit in bike steered by telepathy!

The not so good:
  • The OEM Dunlops are terrible - I'm going to reduce tyre pressure to shred them ASAP. Yuk!
  • The suspension is very soft. I have not yet adjusted from factory settings (plush), once I have dialled this in as much as possible I will reassess.

So. The time has come for this Blog to turn a corner.
Stay tuned for some Yammy antics.
Thanks Ape, you were a good girl. 

Day 1 - photo-roll.

I think I'm turning Japanese-A!........I really think so. 


  1. Is that princes pier I see in the background☺

  2. Great pics! That's a 2015 model isn't it?

    1. Hi Clayton,

      Yes - this is the 2015 ABS model.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers mate.
      Check out the MT09 Tracer.
      I think it would suit yout requirements.

  4. Yeah, think that's my next bike

    1. Do it, do it, do it.....

      Gotta ride soon mate - beet too long.