Monday, 3 August 2015

Now with added Akrapovic

Not a lot more to say really.

Akrapovic full system - header pipes straight through, no catalyzer,
Carbon canister. 3 - into - 1. No baffle

All of the above = braaaaaaaaaaarp.

As with all these types of clips - I apply the caveat "doesn't do it justice" - hard surfaces all around, banging compression waves, not a true representation. 

My little buddy Milo was intrigued by all the braaaarping.....Good Dog.  :))

I've had the pipe for a couple of weeks - the bottom end is a more responsive with less hesitation. 
She seems to run cooler and breath better.
Damn - I love this bike.

.....push me? Braaaaarp you....

**Comparo Ape vs. Yam coming soon. 

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