Sunday, 20 March 2016

Black Dog Ride 2016......."The Pirate Run"

The title says it all.......really.

Today was the day for the annual Black Dog Ride to raise money and awareness for mental health and depression. No more of a worthy cause for a bike rally. 

This year the ride was somewhat of a mystery - organised by a new ride leader who was keeping rather quiet during the event lead up. 

Upon arrival at the start point at a well known, and somewhat polarising, Melbourne bike seller in Ringwood - it was announced that the ride was being led and marshalled by a 'Hog' club. 

AKA: Pirates........

All jokes aside, the ride is for a good cause - but this style of riding in not my cup of tea. 

I am a firm believer that a motorcycle should be able to corner with relative proficiency. 
Pirates do not corner - they vaguely navigate port or starboard.

End result - a very slow paced ride on very boring roads.......
I will say no more and just leave this here.....

.....Arrr me hearty

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