Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Night Brawler: Episode 2

Sitting at home on a warm summer night, bored, restless.

In the garage, locked away, the 'Night Brawler' seduces. Tick, tock...

I have limited time tonight for a quick session of social disobedience - notwithstanding the silly season and the increased VicPol presence, the draw of the MT-09 is too great.

Lid. Gloves. Keys: Gone.

Light is fading, the last sliver of sunlight has already retreated over the horizon - setting off on the night side of dusk I skip the coastal road and head directly for the docks of Melbourne.

Well, more or less directly. Making way, the MT demands to be toyed with. Braarrp here, wheelie there.

I had put the word out to a few riding buddies before heading out, mischief likes company after all.

 Unfortunately tonight, time is not on my side. Fortunately I had laid eyes on some interesting places and had wet the appetite for the final installment in the 'Night Brawler' series. 

"See 'ya later brother - next time" we peel off and head our separate ways. 

There is an innate camaraderie to motorcycling, it connects people like no other activity or pursuit I have ever been a part of. Perhaps it is due to the commitment it requires? The diligence? The obsession? 

Or, maybe it's just the braaaarping......

Lid. Gloves. Keys: Gone.

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