Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Night Brawler: Episode 1

I needed some release, some catharsis.

  • Grab keys
  • Stuff head into lid
  • Throw a leg over

Time to head out for some antics on the 'Night Brawler'

Leaving the 'burbs and pointing the MT09 towards the coast, I make light work of the remaining stragglers on the evening commute. Splitting cagers like a mobile slalom course as they make disappointing progress home. Those poor bastards.

It's the middle of Spring and the evening is glorious.

No wind, high clouds - comfortable air temperature.

I arrive overlooking Port Phillip Bay just before Sunset - a nice display of the final diffused rays of Sun for today.

Across the Bay, the CBD is transitioning into night - bridges and buildings are lighting up, beckoning the MT into the Metropolis.

Following the coast, people and traffic are becoming less frequent, providing an easy excuse to unleash the Akrapovic cannon.

Any tunnel or overpass delivers aural delight.
Braaaaarping ahead into the City.

Entering the bowls of Melbourne CBD, the air changes from cool and refreshing into a muggy malevolence. Heavy.

The 'Night Brawler' gets petulant, making the quietening streets her playground.

I busy myself getting to places you shouldn't get to - taking opportunity without discrimination.

After further reconnaissance for a pending 'Night Brawler: Episode 2' the hum and buzz of the Metro begins to itch - I make my escape.

It's getting late now. Cold and late. I head in the direction of home - back to the suburbs - in a roundabout way. I'm not done yet.

En route, on the outskirts of the city, fortune presents itself.

A blacked-out scene, hard, cold, and industrial. At home aboard the urban assault vehicle of the MT09.

Riding at night is the epitome of motorcycle therapy. Your thoughts are safe in your helmet - like a sanctuary.

..........stay tuned for Episode 2


  1. Nice write up look great!


    1. Thank you for your kind words 'anonymous'

  2. Yes that's the spirit. I feel the same riding around north Devon U.K. My dorsoduro is just made for the roads here. Nice write up I was there with you fella. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for reading Philip.
      Great bike the Dorso - bit of a hooligan too.