Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bike got a new Hat - time for a Blat.

I'd been deliberating for some time on which screen to get for the MT-09: OEM of after-market?

There are some tasty offerings available from the likes of Barracuda, PUIG, Ermax and - of course - Rizoma. But in the end, the OEM screen won out for its minimal styling and seamless integration with the bike.

To be honest, the decision to add the screen was primarily aesthetic - form over function. A small 'Hat' to tie the front instrument cluster and bar taper together. Well what a surprise I got.

This innocuous ~30cm square piece of Yamaha stamped plastic cuts wind quite dramatically. Who knew!

Installation was a breeze - 5 minutes is all it took to remove and refit the stock 10mm hex bolts for the mounting brackets and 4 Philips-head screws for the screen itself.

Time to take the Hat for a Blat.....

I took off this morning towards the hills - conditions were a little sketchy in parts, damp with stringy bark and gravel in the corners.

I found some dry roads on the way home which gave me the opportunity to open the taps and see how the screen deflected high-speed air. Quite a difference, less helmet noise, less turbulence. Game on.

Photo-roll of Today's misadventures.

.......MT-09, the mad Hatter? 


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