Thursday, 17 October 2013

Not forgotten..............

I've been shit......again.

Too busy for any meaningful, thoughtful or decisive posts.....
Too consumed with life to be riding anything or anywhere interesting.....


Since the recent "That was tough ride" I thought bugger it - Sport mode..........everywhere.

Indeed -  this is fun.

The Ape grows with you like no other bike I've had. Although, that alone does not stop me musing about other, new, toys.

Alas, with an impending wedding and work ramping up with new opportunities it seems the Ape is with me for quite a while longer...........but hey - that 'aint a bad thing.

Stay tuned for the Pink Ribbon charity ride post for Breast Cancer at the end of this month.



  1. Dude i thought this blog was abandoned good to see your still doing it! When abouts is your Wedding. I popped the Question to Clare yesterday so we wont be too far after you!

    What other toys are you speaking about tell me tell me. Supermoto? Track Bike? Car? Scale replica of the millennium Falcon being built in your parking garage?

    1. Hey man - congratulations to you and Clare! That's fantastic!

      Our wedding is in about 3 weeks.....getting close...

      I did the pink ribbon ride on Sunday (yesterday) so I'll put a post up soon.

      Other toys.....ha! I'm interested in the new Yamaha FZ09, I kind of want a dirty too.....but alas, no time - and even less money!