Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Toy Run -2013

Every year me and my riding buddies participate in the annual MRA toy run for charity. This year was no different......

Giving toys to needy kids is the name of the game and the turn-out this year was very strong indeed, upward of 4,000 riders and pillions combined!

As always, everyone met at my place on Sunday morning before heading to the meet point - we were running late this year so had to start way at the back of the matter, this ride is pretty sedate and boring - out of Melbourne, up the freeway to Calder park raceway - done and done.

We arrived middle bunch - many other feeder rides were heading in from all over the state.......a good turnout I should think - shame about the bloody weather! Bah! Melbourne eh?

(click to enlarge)

The Ape's in there - it's like a Where's Wally?

The amount of effort some riders put in to decorate both themselves and their bikes is quite astounding.....these guys took it pretty far - Reindeer and all!

Completely by chance I walked up to a Boulevard to grab a a tap on the shoulder....turned out to be the bike of an old Netrider mate who I haven't seen for ages - small world........

And of course, as is tradition, I got my 2013 commemorative pin to add to the collection - Happy Santa this year.

All in all - another successful run, another chance to donate some toys and give some needy kids some smiles........

--Ho, Ho, Ho!

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