Sunday, 15 March 2015

Tail-light replacement

During the Touring Twins ride the guys informed me I was down one tail-light.

The Shiver uses a dual-filament lamp with each globe running a 12V and 21V rail.
12V for tail-light, 21V for brake.

Turns out one lamp was blown on both rails, no tail-light, no brake light.

So - time to replace them (both). Yeah, one is still good, but if I'm going in there to replace the blown lamp I might as well freshen them both up eh?

Step 1
Seat comes off and 8 fixings are removed:

2 x 12mm hex bolt
2 x 10mm hex bolt
2 x Phillips screw
2 x 3mm allen bolt

Step 2 
Move the grab-rail assembly and main fuses out of the way to allow access to the tail-light reflector and lens

Step 3
The lamp housing is locked into the reflector and lens via a removable ballast.

One quarter turn to the left and the globes are free.

It is somewhat fiddly getting the ballast out - however it can be done.

Step 4
Globes replaced and tested.
Done and done.


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