Monday, 11 February 2013

Back and Blinking

After waiting ~6 weeks for the warranty claim to go through and for the part to arrive - finally - the postman brings me this!

An Aprilia OEM right-hand rear indicator.........can't see how this can be so much trouble to claim, order and post......but hell - it's here now.....time to install

I do a quick disassemble on the kitchen table to inspect how it all goes together - pretty simple.....there is no loom on the indicator itself - rather just two clips on the bottom of the lamp surround:

Get rid of the screw

Take the lamp housing and reflector apart - no problem

Now - onto the bike the wiring loom is on this end I had to disconnect the wiring at the clips while still on the bike......again, no problem - just a bit fiddly....

Then just unbolt the indicator housing and it's free!

Clip the new one into the wires, remount the reflector in the housing......replace lens and the screw......bolt back on and the blinkers are back



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