Thursday, 16 May 2013

Barracuda Blinkers

So - as many of you know - my rear indicators failed.......both of different times, but in the same way.

It turns out that there is a manufacturing flaw and the rubber used for the expansion joint is too brittle.

After having one replaced under warranty.......and waiting ages for the part to arrive......only to have the other indicator fail.....I decided some after market blinkers would be best.

I finally got around to installing my Barraccud "Silur" LED blinkers

The indicators came with the required resistors which are used inline to keep the flash rate consistent and to ensure the dash error for blown bulbs doesn't perpetually occur.

I'm pretty happy with the results......nice and clean - nice and compact.......very bright!

Excuse the filthy bike......bloody Melbourne weather.......bah!

I may even order another set and replace the front end blinkers too for consistency.



  1. Hello...i would like to purchase this blinkers for my F800S. do you think it'll work? Thanks,

    1. Hard to say mate,

      They are a "universal" fit - you may need to drill out the mounting holes etc.

      I didn't need to modify anything on the rear fender to install,
      The wiring was spliced into the original. Done and done.