Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chocolate Run

Every year a bunch of riders get together to head out into the hills in search of chocolate!

Some years it is a fund raiser for a community member....some years it's just a good excuse for a ride..... was the annual Chocolate Run.

What a great run........approximately 60 riders covering 300-400 kms of Victorian countryside.....

I tell you what though - bloody farking cold! Max temperature on the dash was 10C.....this coupled with ample throttle definitely takes the heat out of the bones......

The Ape still made it - no problem....

Thanks for the ride everyone......see you next time.

\Bitsar - now defrosted. 


  1. ahh the ol choccie run

    Good company, Shitty chocolate lol

    1. Not a bad Run this year - we took some different stretch had such a bad road surface I had to stand on the pegs and lean over the bars for a good 4kms or so...... riveted, pot-holed, corrugated etc......still fun though.

      And bloody COLD! Although, as you are now officially a Taswegian, I suppose cold is something you're getting used to :D