Thursday, 5 September 2013

Helmet Comms

I've been using the Scala Rider G4 for quite a while now........been meaning to put a post up. 
Here it is:

 After much consideration of cheaping out for the BT set and looking at high end gear I settled on the "upper-middle" in the Cardo Scala Rider G4 


The PowerSet ships with two units - one for me, one for my buddy.

I have a Shoei XR-1100, I removed the left hand check pad 

 Mounting bracket and boom-mic installed into space between shell and inner-foam
Really pays to remove the check pad (also this exposes the ear piece recesses.) 

 Ear piece in recess in helmet - mounted using stick on velcro pad (included)

 Fully Installed 

 Installation took about 35-40 mins - I like things to be neat - you could probably stuff it all in the lid in about 15 mins at a push. 

 I used the FM radio on the way to work this morning and had the missus call about 10 mins into the journey. Phone call came through no problem (from a Bluetooth paired Android phone). The other half says sound quality was better than hands free in the car - I tried with visor up and visor down.

Bluetooth paring with Android was quick and painless and the headset and phone recognize each other immediately without a problem. 

 Sound quality from the speakers is good - nice and loud. Don't expect Hi-Fi but the quality keeps me happy.

As one of my readers pointed out (thanks Chiller tek) - I don't ride and take/make phone calls.
Part of riding is to get away from things.....listening to music or gps nav points is the primary use for the Scala Rider.
For completeness I did take a call to test the functionality.



  1. The last place I want to be taking a phone call is on the bike. I find its the only place where I can get away from the phone and not have to think about it.

    Its great to be able to be not contacted and the one place that by focusing on my riding I can completely shut out the rest of the world so its just me, the bike and the road.

    Although I do like the idea of listening to radio or music.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi mate,

      I actually agree - the point of testing the call was simply to try it. I actually don't take calls while riding.

      Music and GPS nav points are another matter.

      Bike to Bike comms are also quite helpful - but very much on "your terms"

      Thanks for reading.