Sunday, 15 May 2016

Urban (A)ssault Mode

We all know the MT-09 is equipped we three throttle modes:

A - 'Assault' mode = hooliganism and hammer time in the twisties
STD - 'Standard' mode = bike default setting and good for the commute and touring
B - 'Benign' mode = great for rain and sketchy road surfaces

Key, Lid, Gear - go.
Select (A)ssault mode.

Today called for some urban antics
Ample braaaarping and general civil disobedience.
Public enemy no. 1

The MT-09 is at home being a thug - it encourages bad behaviour and delivers with satisfaction. Braaarp indeed. 

It's Sunday morning, the world is quiet - people are wasting their time on pedestrian pursuits like 'Yoga' or 'Gardening' or .........shudder........ 'Golf' - people are crazy. 

The MT-09 guides me to an Industrial zone outside Melbourne - I am somewhat of a passenger as the bike self-navigates away from prying eyes..

Amongst the noise of the Akrapovic, the wheelies and the delinquency, there was time for reflection.

Golf? Gardening? Yoga?.................
Nope......give me braaaaarping any day.

All aboard the urban (A)ssault vehicle.


  1. Replies
    1. I only killed a small amount of kittens........

  2. You just wait till I forward these pictures to Tracy grimshaw.

  3. Great post mate, nice pictures too!

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