Monday, 1 October 2012


I'm new to this - I don't know if I'll like it.......................

The first post - this is Genesis 

printf("Hello world \n");

...........only kidding........

First rode a MOTO at age of 6, it was a PW50 - it was amazing
Cycling for > 15 years - MTB and Road - still ride road to this day

Learner = Honda VTR250
Teacher = Kawasaki Er6n Factory Full
Current = Aprilia Shiver 750

I am a commuter, weekend scratcher and try to complete a multi-day tour at least once per year. 

I ride minimum 6 days per week - rain or shine.........I wouldn't have it any other way.
As a commuter I am greatly dependant on my bike - treat her right and she treats me right - I love my Ape.

Herein you shall find my rants at Cagers, day to day riding observations, thoughts on roadcraft, the plod and inconsiderate road usage etc....

However - my key is to record (mostly for my own indulgence) the rides that make me smile...........the ones that you relive a day later sipping on a beer while you recount that set of twisties which opened up to fast sweepers just when the tires were nice and sticky......

That is riding - and that is why I love it......


My Ape:

Previous Bikes:


  1. Pezza!

    How are you man? Haven't seen you for ages! Gotta catch up before you head south =D

  2. Im already there :(

    Waiting for you to come over. Practically every road here is the reefton spur. with 100km/h speed limit. Its awesome!

  3. Faaaaaaaaaaaark.....that sounds incredible....

    Maybe early next year I should try to come down for a weekend =D
    Keep in touch mate.....gotta have another ride soon! And now that you're in Tassie....all the more reason to come down!