Sunday, 7 October 2012


I made a few more adjustments to the FatDuc this afternoon...........of course I wanted to test out the feel of the slightly leaner fuelling......

I had the Fly lid with me and the bike key - I was not ATGATT - but the urge was there.

My daily shoe is my Redback boots which are pretty robust - other than that I had a hoodie and pair of cargo's on.........but meh - just around the block eh?

Let it be known - I have NEVER ridden squid before, nor do I endorse it........but man! It felt freaking good!

I don't know why - I really can't explain it - But the feeling of being on the bike in total comfort without restricted mobility was amazing!

Not something I intend on practising on a regular basis.....I am definitely an advocate of ATGATT but hell.....being Squid felt gooooooood



/* PS - the leaner fuelling has all but eliminated the backfire on the over-run and has improved throttle response*/

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