Friday, 12 October 2012

Radiator: Guard or Gravel?

Take note......

I got off the bike tonight after the commute and for some reason took a look at the RAD........hmmmm.....

Before (with guard - everything looks A-OK)

After (without gaurd and after I had removed larger debris)

There were some larger stones pinned between the RAD guard and the fins - they fell away nicely - what concerns me is the fine line of gravel slowly drilling its' way into the bottom seal.......

I'm going to run without the guard for the next week to see if normal riding vibration loosens this mess - a cursory clean with a coarse nylon brush had no effect (other than further embedding the current debris)

Case in point - RAD guards may in-fact do more harm than good - not only can they impede air-flow, it appears they can also trap crap that would have otherwise vibrated away.....

Just a thought.

More gravel than guard.

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