Friday, 12 October 2012

Splitting (with a) difference

I had a sting in my tail while riding home last know that mood you get in sometimes? You just want to put the hammer down.........and.....I did.

Traffic was pretty heavy by the time I got away from the office - no problem.......just carve it up with the Split......I was having a ball, moving through the 60km/h traffic @~0.80c.....not being too much of a larrikin - just having fun.

As I approached point B on the Map - for some reason my "Spidey Senses" kicked in and told me to back off......I did - and lucky too!

The traffic had slowed and I was in filtering mode rather than full-blown I moved through point B above I filtered slowly and smoothly past two Police patrol cars - one in each lane travelling abreast.

I saw them as I approached and my instant thought was the Akra' baffles......quick shift into 3rd gear.....constant load on engine, less compression........chug, chug, chug - past........phew....

I continued to filter on through whilst checking the "Blues and Twos" the clear.....

The traffic starts moving again and I signal right and slipped into the flow......I wait till point C - feeling like I'm in the clear then GTFO..........hammer time all the way home from there =D

Fun times indeed...........

\I like Sport mode (especially more so with the aid of the FatDuc)


  1. Agreed! Sport mode is a lot of fun!!

    The other two were put in for those who worry about fuel consuption!! :p

  2. we have 1-fun mode and 2-fuel preservation modes!

    Do you ride a Shiver or Dorso?

    Personally I tend to use Touring mode for commuting (rain mode if weather is particularly bad)

    I usually only crack out Sport mode when out in the hills or when I've got the urge to put the hammer down....

    Cheers mate,